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Premium Cannabis Flower

Get lit legally with Stonies' THCA flower! Designed for stoners who want to keep it legal, our top-shelf buds offer all the natural goodness of cannabis without the THC high. It's the perfect way to enjoy the vibe without breaking any rules. Elevate your experience the Stonies way!

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Rainbow Sherbet Live Rosin

Pure, Potent, USA-Made

Embrace the essence of Rainbow Sherbet in our premium Live Rosin, crafted organically and sourced entirely in the USA. This product captures the full spectrum of terpenes and cannabinoids from freshly frozen flowers, offering a blast of fruity flavors with a creamy finish. Ideal for connoisseurs seeking a clean, solvent-free experience, this live rosin provides a smooth, flavorful dab that uplifts and soothes. Elevate your senses with our top-shelf Rainbow Sherbet Live Rosin.

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