Live Resin Disposable

Sweet Lyfe

Experience the ultimate chill vibes with our Sweet Lyfe THCa THCp vape cart!

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Live Resin Cart

Sweet Lyfe

Unleash the sweet vapor of Sweet Lyfe vape cartridges!

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THC-p Vape

One Hit Wonder

This vape is so potent, it’s like hitting the jackpot!

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2g THCA Diamond Disposable

STNR Live Rosin

Don't miss out on the fun - grab your STNR 2g live rosin and diamonds disposable cart today and puff away in style!

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Mary Jane Edition

STNR 3g Disposable

Get ready to blow clouds like a boss with the STNR 3 gram disposable vape - it's a game changer, trust us!

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