Glass Galaxy - Pipes and Art Pieces

Rip it right with our collection of glass. Smooth hits, cool looks—find your perfect pipe or bong that’s as unique as your vibe.

Water Pipes

Level up your smoke game with Stonies' awesome water pipes! Designed for stoners who demand the best, our pipes deliver smooth rips and intense flavor in every hit. Elevate your session with Stonies!

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Hand Pipes

Elevate your toking experience with Stonies' hand pipes! Crafted for stoners who appreciate quality, our pipes deliver smooth hits and bold flavors every time. Upgrade your smoke sesh with Stonies!

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Sunrise Roast & Toast mug_6

Roast and Toast

Start your day right with Stonies' roast and toast mugs and bowls! Perfect for stoners who love their morning routine, our mugs and bowls combine functionality with style. Whether you're sipping your favorite brew or packing a bowl, do it in Stonies' signature style.

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